The King of Swing

Name: Claudio Castagnoli
Ring Name: Cesaro
Formerly: Antonio Cesaro
Born: December 27, 1980
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Weight: 232 lb
From: Lucerne, Switzerland

Bio: As he is quick to remind allies and foes alike, Cesaro is unquestionably “The King of Swing.”

A onetime European rugby star who was banned from league play due to excessive aggression, Cesaro applied his mercilessness in the ring, honing his skills not just in Europe but around the entire world. Upon landing in the United States, he developed a cult following exhibiting his vicious skills in tag team and singles competition alike.

But this brutally innovative grappler is not all brawn. The cultured Cesaro speaks five languages, allowing him to adapt to his surroundings while traveling the globe en route to WWE. Continue Reading?

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Extreme Rules 2014 predictions
May 1st,2014 Filed in Author: Mike

Daredevils, adrenaline junkies and hardcore fans rejoice! WWE’s most dangerous event of the year, Extreme Rules, is almost upon us. But who will win, and who will lose? Check out’s predictions for Extreme Rules.

20140428_RobVanDamCeasaroSwagger_HomepageRob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Match)

Joey Styles: I believe my former ECW boss Paul Heyman when he says that Cesaro is indeed the next big thing. Heyman said the same thing about Brock Lesnar in 2002, and in case you haven’t heard, Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. The greatest manager in the history of sports-entertainment has yet another future WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a client and his name is Cesaro. WINNER: Cesaro

Howard Finkel: Any one of these three competitors can emerge victorious, just like that. But I am going with “The King of Swing,” based on the fact he’s been in a smooth groove since WrestleMania. Paul Heyman’s latest pride and joy will prevail in what I believe will be a highly competitive match. WINNER: Cesaro

Ryan Murphy: Maybe it has something to do with his trademark nonchalance, but Rob Van Dam always seems to get involved in conflicts that had nothing to do with him to begin with. Another byproduct of RVD’s unflappable cool, however, is that he doesn’t let emotions get in the way of victory. While The Real Americans unleash on each other over personal issues, Van Dam will hang back and wait for the perfect opportunity to nail someone with a Five Star Frog Splash. WINNER: Rob Van Dam

Bobby Melok: The breakout success of Cesaro has been infuriating for his former partner, Jack Swagger, especially since “The King of Swing” ditched him and Zeb Colter for Paul Heyman. If the outspoken Colter is smart, he’ll help Swagger channel that rage at Extreme Rules. With everything to lose, look for Swagger to put in the fight of his life and best not only his former partner, but a legendary grappler in Rob Van Dam. WINNER: Jack Swagger

John Clapp: Cesaro is well equipped to vacillate between RVD’s unorthodox, aerial-based assaults and Swagger’s rugged farm strength, and that’s going to work to his advantage in the Triple Threat Match. It won’t be thanks to Paul Heyman’s managing, but Cesaro will score the win. WINNER: Cesaro

Cesaro: 3, Rob Van Dam: 1, Jack Swagger: 1


An extreme revolutionary: How Sabu changed wrestling
May 1st,2014 Filed in Author: Mike

20140429_Light_SabuWrestling_HOMEPAGE“Even if stuff got messed up, he would not hesitate to try it again,” Cesaro commented. “If he jumped onto the top rope and fell back, he wouldn’t miss a beat; he’d just jump back up and do it again. It’s awesome because he was so hyped and into his craft.”


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